We have now taken on the latest HMT (Hole Maker Technology) Brand. Here is a little bit about them…


Holemaker Technology was founded in late 2013 by 2 brothers, Piers and Hugh Crane. Drawing from a combined 18 years of experience, we saw the gap in the marketplace for a specialised company to help the metalworking market save time and money, by speeding up the essential everyday task of creating and modifying the holes that connect metal components. This has led to the unique patent-pending product range you now see on this website.


  •  HMT Mission: to speed up metalworking through cutting tool innovation.
  •  HMT Vision: to be the leading brand of fabricators cutting tools.
  •  The 5 HMT Values: innovate, specialise, optimise, be agile and, be nice.


Based in Kent, UK, and working with a network at home and abroad, HMT has rapidly become the UK’s largest manufacturer of specialist fabricators cutting tools.

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